Second Place, 05/2014
IEEE Signal Processing Cup is a competition for encouraging undergraduate students to form teams and work together to solve real-world problems using signal processing techniques and methods. Our team NtUeLsA developed an example-based electron microscopic (EM) image reconstruction framework to denoise and super-resolve real-world 3D protein structures, and was in the final 3, out of 95 teams worldwide, selected to participate in the final round contest at the IEEE 2014 International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2014), Florence, Italy. I gave a 10-min presentation and answered questions for signal processing experts from the IEEE Bio Imaging and Signal Processing Technical Committee and MathWorks,  and won Second Place.

award_SPCup_all(left) Me presenting on behalf of our team NtUeLsA, (right) Receiving Second Place

Silver Medal Award and Outstanding Paper Award, 11/2013
In Digital Circuit Lab, our team developed an FPGA-based interactive dance coaching system, called iCoach, and submitted the project to the 2013 InnovateAsia FPGA Workshop and Design Contest. In the final round held in Nanjing, China, I gave a 10-minute oral presentation and 15-minute demonstration to 100+ professors and judges, and won Silver Medal Award and Outstanding Paper Award among 250+ undergraduate/graduate teams from China, Taiwan and the UK.

innovateasia(from left) Me presenting our project iCoach, Demonstrating to professors and judges,
and Receiving Silver Medal Award and Outstanding Paper Award



Tutoring Underprivileged Students09/2012 – 06/2015
I tutor junior high school students in mathematics, English, physics, etc. By teaching children from underprivileged background for free, I have become more grateful for my stable family and the good education I have been receiving throughout my life. I am glad I can have the chance to tutor children who do not have the privilege to receive proper education.

(left) The classroom, (right) Playing paintball at an after-exam hangout

Winter Camp for Remote-Area Children, Jing-Pu Elementary School, Hualien, Taiwan01/2011
The children in Jing-Pu Elementary School live in a less-developed area of Taiwan. Unlike the children in well-developed areas, who are more challenged to learn by their environment and supported by their parents, most of the children in this school lack the opportunities to learn outside the classroom. In this 3-day winter camp, we organized activities like basic personal hygiene and healthcare instructions, physical exercise, arts workshops and simple scientific experiments for elementary school students.

201101265382 Me with my little friend and her “treasure”

Community Service in Nursing Home, House of Da-An, Taipei, Taiwan09/2010 – 08/2011
We visited the mentally-disabled residents in House of Da-An, read them books, held socializing events, and organized fun activities.

Me helping one of the residents make paper carnation flowers on Mother’s Day



Director of Teaching at NTUEE Camp, National Taiwan University03/2013 – 07/2013
My teaching group designed tutorials and taught 144 high school students in basic Programming and Circuit Design. In the computer programming class, the students coded a simple maze game in C#. In the circuit design class, the students made timers with breadboards and circuit elements like IC’s and buzzers.

IMG_6346The teaching staff

Officer in Division of Academy, Host team of Global Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan 201309/2012 – 07/2013
The missions of the Global Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan (GIS Taiwan 2013) are to gather university students from around the globe to exchange action plans and solutions on current international issues, share country-wise experiences, and learn from masters of a variety of disciplines sharing their experience in the annual symposium topic “Strategy under Competition.” As an officer in Division of Academy of the host team, I personally coordinated and hosted 1 student salon, 4 keynote forums and 2 workshops. By organizing these events, I have acquired experience in contacting speakers, coordinating the human resources in our team, and financial resource management under budget constraints.

IMG_7017 Attendees and speaker of the workshop:  Startup and Incubation in Asia

Officer in Department of Academy, NTUEE Student Association09/2011 – 06/2013
I organized academic conventions to introduce labs, research projects and study abroad experience to NTUEE students.

study_abroad_speech_2One of our study abroad workshop