Scene Feature Recognition-Enabled Framework for Mobile Service Information Query System

Yi-Chong Zeng, Ya-Hui Chan, Ting-Yu Lin, Meng-Jung Shih, Pei-Yu Hsieh, Guan-Lin Chao
In International Conference on Human Interface and the Management of Information (HIMI) 2015
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title={Scene feature recognition-enabled framework for mobile service information query system},
author={Zeng, Yi-Chong and Chan, Ya-Hui and Lin, Ting-Yu and Shih, Meng-Jung and Hsieh, Pei-Yu and Chao, Guan-Lin},
booktitle={International Conference on Human Interface and the Management of Information},

Aiming at development of intelligent service on mobile device, this paper proposes a new travel information query method, which combines image acquisition device, image recognition, and recommendation technologies. The framework of information query consists of four components, including passive information query, active information query, trip scheduling, and information management. A prototype application is designed to demonstrate the feasibility of smart tourism guidance by mobile device. User can browses stationary information through the application program. Furthermore, the user takes pictures and transmits it to cloud server. The cloud server hosts image recognition and delivers the corresponding information to the user. For trip scheduling, the prototype recommends the proper trips to guide user easily, which is referred to user’s preferences with location based service. The resultants will demonstrate that the prototype is implemented by an application program runs on mobile device. It is powerful to search for travel information and to generate trip schedules.